Summary of Education Protection Program With SEYAJ




 Children’s right to basic education is one of the main areas of our work as it is one of the most important rights of the child after the right to life. The projects and activities of the SEYAJ since its establishment have focused on the importance of promoting other rights and enabling them to enjoy them and their significant impact on security and development. And the well-being of the child and society present and future.

The curriculum was developed during the period 2008-2017 to ensure that the program “Education Protection” was included in its strategy (2018-2020) to enable all Yemeni children to attain their right to education, to create a friendly and protective educational environment for the child and to work during the postwar period to promote Policies and curricula, enforcement of legislation, modification of societal convictions and government orientation towards education as a key driver of growth, well-being, security and stability.

The Education Protection program combines education and protection within the school and community surrounding the child. And the implementation of awareness campaigns and mobilization of the community to educate their children and to find mechanisms and means of direct protection for students within the school by implementing cultural and artistic activities such as theater, painting and the morning line to instill values ​​of good and tolerance; and to find and train students and teachers to monitor and report on phenomena. Violence and direct problems to students or some of the teachers themselves.

In cooperation with international supporters and United Nations organizations; Yemeni governmental and non-governmental institutions have implemented a series of projects and specific campaigns that have contributed to the empowerment of thousands of children. The experiment has become a reference for researchers and academics from universities, human rights organizations and media organizations inside and outside Yemen.


Major Projects and Activities Implemented:

  1. Implementing a protection project to raise awareness of the risks of marriage of young women in the governorates of Ibb, Hajja, Hodeidah and Al-Mahweet, and put education as one of the basic solutions to the problem under the slogan “
  2. Young Activists project to promote the values ​​of democracy and human rights of students in Sana’a, Sana’a, Taiz, Hadramout (2009-2011)
  3. Issuing the “SEYAJ” magazine and distributing it in 30 primary schools within the Young Activists Project.
  4. Implementation of a field study on the lack of enrollment of children in basic education and parents’ attitudes in rural Hodeidah governorate 2010
  5. My school bag project 2008-2009
  6. Education Project Amal Al-Mustaqbal, which includes the distribution of bags with stationery and community committees to protect the right of children to education and discussions with local authorities and educational and parents: 2010
  7. Draft our rights to promote the values ​​of democracy and human rights of students in (Sanaa capital Sana’a; Taiz; Hadramout (2009-2011)
  8. Production of the documentary “Story of Imad” on violence and discrimination against children in schools (2009-2010).
  9. The production of the film “A painful wedding” 2012 short documentary focuses in its main focus on the absence and weakness of female education as a major cause of the spread of marriage of young women in Yemen.