Intervention during emergencies


SEYAJ works during armed conflicts and natural disasters, to protect the child’s right to survival, development, education, safety and other rights stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its Protocols, and the UN Security Council resolution on the six violations of children’s rights in armed conflict number. 1612, 1882 and 1998.


During emergencies, SEYAJ focuses on working in the following areas:


  • Monitoring and documenting the six violations and issuing related human rights reports.
  • Raising awareness of dangers and deadly practices such as mines, food shortages and reducing children recruitment and involvement in armed conflicts.
  • Helping children to continue their education, reducing the causes and factors of droping-out and lack of school attendance by providing the teachers with possible alternatives, means ,activities of awareness and cultural entertainment, and by providing friendly areas within the school, also to address negative phenomena and behaviors such as bullying and aggression among students.
  • Identifying the needs of war-affected children in rights, health, education, psychological and physical aspects. And publishing reports, information and appeals concerning the identified needs to increase the attention of the government and the international community for urgent intervention to reduce their risks and harm.