First Protection

First Protection:


We directly intervene to enable children that are victims of crimes and violations to obtain justice, and strengthen mechanisms of accountability and punishment against criminals through:


  • Providing lawyers and legal consultancy to security services and national judiciary.
  • Empowering victims, their families and the community in general to report, seek consultancy and assistance with modern and accessible means through the “SEYAJ Mobile”.
  • Advocacy and lobbying, including public and media advocacy.
  • Monitoring and documenting crimes done by the family and society or violations committed by parties in armed conflicts as follows:
  1. Domestic and community violence:
    • Murder
    • Execution of minors.
    • All forms of sexual violence. (Rape, harassment, defamation, exploitation in form of pornography and the marriage of young women).
    • Human organ trade.
    • Physical or psychological torture.
    • Kidnapping and enforced disappearance.
    • Smuggling and child trafficking.



  1. Violations in armed conflicts:
    • the six violations of children’s rights in armed conflict: (in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1612 of 2005).
      • Murder and mutilation.
      • Recruitment or use of children in combat.
      • Rape or other forms of serious sexual violence against children.
      • Prevent humanitarian aid from having access to children.
      • Attacking schools or hospitals for military purposes.