Promoting the Right of Education:

Second: Promoting the Right of Education:

Within the “Education Protection” program, SEYAJ focuses on the integration of education and protection in the school environment and the community around the child. It provides direct assistance, awareness campaigns and mobilizing the community to educate their children on the one hand, and finding mechanisms and means of direct protection for students inside the school by carrying out cultural and artistic activities such as theater, painting and the morning line to instill values ​​of good and tolerance; and finding and training students and teachers on monitoring and reporting on violent phenomena and Pupils from each other or from the teachers themselves.

To provide children with access to basic education through education and advocacy; to provide in-kind assistance such as bags and uniforms; to empower girls, marginalized, displaced and vulnerable groups to continue their education by providing volunteer teachers and alternative classrooms; In areas of displacement and the poorest.

Conducting and encouraging research and academic studies on policies, practices and approaches to the child’s right to free, compulsory and quality education.