Sections of Seyaj’s Monitoring and Protection Cen

Sections of Seyaj’s Monitoring and Protection Center

A- Monitoring and documentation

This section includes several sub-sections ( Reception of notifications and complains, verification and follow up, services and advocacy).  It serves as the following:

–         Reception of notifications, complains and information on violence against children.

–         Reception of notifications and complains by victims themselves, families of victims or volunteers in Seyaj’s headquarters located in Sana’a.

–         Notifications reported to Seyaj by the volunteers, Over 500 male and female volunteers from various fields (Human rights activists, lawyers, students, journalists, teachers, physicians, police officers, and tribal and religious leaders) cooperate with Seyaj.

–         Contacting the center through help service phone lines.

–         Contacting the center via  fax, email, facebook or any other communication  means.

–      Following up reports and articles of media outlets:  online websites and social media are followed up to verify cases and gather details and information that are not included in reports or articles. Families of victims and relevant state authorities are contacted. Field researchers of Seyaj are also mandated to visit families to verify cases,  and gather evidences and documents.

B.    Judicial assistance :

Since February 2009, the legal assistance section was created, and on November 2009, Seyaj signed a cooperation agreement with Yemen Bar Association. Under this agreement, Seyaj could expand its services and provide free judicial support for children.

In mid-2011, the legal assistance section was developed to an independent department to meet the increasing number of cases the center receives on a daily basis across Yemen.

 C- Psycho-social support

Seyaj provides psychological support to victims through sessions to diagnose psychological conditions of children, and referring those who needs therapy to specialized hospitals and clinics. Psychological consultations are provided to victims and their families through direct interviews or through phones.

D- Advocacy

Seyaj provides advocacy to child rights as means to enhance accountability and bring the perpetrators accountable, and raise awareness about child rights through reports, news stories, press releases, news conferences…etc.