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2013 Human Rights Reports: Yemen & Seyaj

Child Soldiers: According to the Seyaj Organization for Childhood Protection, the number of child soldiers increased due to a growing number of armed conflicts. Seyaj reported that the government had ...

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Seyaj: 124 Cases of Kidnapping of Yemeni Children were Reported During 2013

Out of more than 150 abduction cases, Seyaj tracked 124 incidents involving children in 2013. The organization highlighted the prevalence of this occurrence in its report on child abduction from that ...

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Seyaj Issues a Report on Child Abduction, 2013

On Tuesday, April 15, the Seyaj organization will hold a press conference to issue its report on child abduction for the year 2013. Seyaj invites all media and human rights organizations to attend the...

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