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Yemen’s Ongoing Conflict and Loyalist National and Security Institutions Are Behind the Rise in Violence Against Children and Criminal Impunity in the Country.

Seyaj warned of the growth rates of domestic abuse and grave violations of international law against children in light of the seven-year-long war, amid a lack of justice or recourse for the victims. I...

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Yemen’s Children Live In Deadly Humanitarian Conditions in Light of the War

Sana’a – April 15, 2015  Seyaj Organization for Child Protection warns of a humanitarian catastrophe experienced by more than 5 million Yemeni children, including about a million infa...

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Yemen’s power shift a setback for child soldier plan

Ahmed Al-Qurashi, head of the Seyaj NGO that works to protect children in Yemen, said there were two main reasons that children agreed to fight. “Some of the children are persuaded to join the milit...

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Both sides in war blamed for Yemen’s dead children

SANA’A // One hundred and eighty-seven children were killed and nearly 700 used as child soldiers in the most recent round of fighting between government troops and al Houthi rebels that erupted...

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