The European Union official in charge of the Middle East and its neighboring nations, Mr. Hughes Mingerley, has told Seyaj: “We are very proud of your accomplishments, and our colleagues in the European Union mission will continue to support these noble endeavors. What Seyaj is doing to lessen children’s suffering is commendable.”

The remark came during a visit of a high-ranking European delegation to the organization’s headquarters in Seyaj, where the European Union ambassador to Yemen, Michele Cervone, confirmed the European Union’s pride in its partnership with Seyaj, given the work the organization continues to do for child protection.

The delegation also stated that Seyaj should serve as a blueprint for civil society organizations, with Cervone stressing the European Union’s commitment to enhancing the participation of Yemeni civil society in development.

“While Seyaj is the only group that the European Union team visited in this program,” Mr. Philip of the European Union Delegation to Yemen stated, “we are highly interested in creating partnerships with civil society and directly implementing other development initiatives.”

For his part, Ahmed Al-Qorashi, Chairman of the Seyaj Organization, said, “the European Union has been the main sponsor of our programs, and it is the only backer of the project on rehabilitation of mine and armed war victims. We are eager to extend our work in direct assistance for victims and their families to include the demobilization of child soldiers in armed conflicts.”

During the visit, the European delegation learned about the work Seyaj has done to assist mine and combat victims, including providing legal aid, economic, psychological, and social rehabilitation, and media and community advocacy.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Dominic Porter, the main envoy for foreign affairs, Mrs. Salki, Mr. Philip, Fadl Al-Qudsi, Ashwaq Al-Joubi, and several children active in the organization.

European Delegation Lauds Seyaj Foundation’s Work in Combating Childhood Abuse
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