The local court react to SEYAJ’s efforts to prevent the marriage of a 12-year-old girl after she was kidnapped in the governorate of Abes, north of Yemen.

The court of the Directorate of Abes Trial decided in its session Tuesday, February 5, 2019, headed by Judge Majid Al-Harab not to accept a lawsuit to marry the girl Hadeel Mohammed Issa because of her young age.

“On Monday, we received a report from the family of the girl Hadeel that she was subjected to forcible forced marriage, where she was abducted by an adult,” said the protection officer at SEYAJ. After being handed over to the police and on behalf of the Directorate, On the pretext that she wants to marry him and her guardian refuses to marry her The letter stressed that the Hadeel family under pressure and threats to force them to marry her by force.

Accordingly, we contacted the court judge, who is considering the case and asked him to prevent the marriage of Hadeel and to bring her abductors to justice and to force her family to protect and care for her and not to cause any physical or psychological harm to her.

SEYAJ continued with the Chief Prosecutions Judge Ali Al-Shumairi who has the case file and Sheikh Mohammed Baloch who keeps the girl in his house with the approval of the prosecution, and asked all of them to stand by a minor child and protect her and her family against the perpetrator of these crimes.

SEYAJ affirms its call for the judiciary to impose the most severe punishment on all those involved in the abduction of the girl child and endanger her personal safety.

SEYAJ: Press Release: February 5, 2019

Judiciary prevents the marriage of a child in the 12 after she was kidnapped in northwest Yemen
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