SEYAJ Organization for Childhood Protection condemns in the strongest terms the heinous massacre that resulted from the Houthi group’s targeting of the women’s section in the central prison in Taiz governorate this afternoon. Initial information indicates that six people were killed, including a child, and more than a dozen others were injured, all women and children, as a result of rocket-propelled grenades launched from( al-Samman and al-Sabun area) which is controlled by the Houthi group. Monitors of SEYAJ  in Taiz confirmed that the missile attack on the prison was repeated this evening for the second time. This heinous massacre was committed while the victims were about to be released by the judicial and local authorities in the governorate as part of efforts to confront the Corona epidemic. SEYAJ  calls on the judicial authorities in Taiz governorate to open an urgent investigation, to bring all those responsible for the crime to justice, and to seek redress and compensation for the victims in accordance with the law.

 Issued by the SEYAJ  Organization April 5, 2020     

More than 18 children and women were killed and injured in the Houthi bombing of Taiz Prison
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