The Yemeni judiciary executed a death sentence for a person convicted of kidnapping, raping, and killing the nine-year-old girl (A.H), in Ibb governorate, central Yemen.

The representative of the Seyaj organization said that the verdict was implemented on the morning of January 1, 2019, in the sports stadium in the capital of the governorate, against the convict (Y.T). The execution was carried out in front of a large and unprecedented audience.

In August, several marches and rallies were held by popular groups demanding the execution of the perpetrator to safeguard more children from facing the same fate.

In a related vein, the family of another child who suffered the same fate in Hajjah Governorate is still awaiting the execution of the death sentence against the kidnapper, rapist, and killer of their child in August of last year after he was convicted of the crime in December 2018.

Judiciary Implements Severe Penalties Against a Person Convicted of Kidnapping, Raping, and Killing a Child
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