Seyaj denies its connection to the statement that was reported by some media outlets at the end of January 2019, titled: “More than 100 civil society organizations condemn the Houthis’ perpetration of the Haradh massacre.”

Seyaj denies its involvement in the aforementioned statement and maintains the right to sue the entity that released it.

While Seyaj affirms its strong condemnation of all crimes and violations of children’s rights by all parties to the armed conflict in Yemen, it cannot implicate or presume the innocence of any party linked to the massacre, as it has not relied on its mechanisms for monitoring and documentation.

Seyaj also advises against using Yemeni human rights groups as weapons of war to target other parties or for pecuniary gain, claiming that such biased and unprofessional actions endanger victims’ rights and the human rights work environment.

Issued by Seyaj Organization for Child Protection – February 8, 2019

Seyaj denies
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