Seyaj expresses gratitude to the Taiz governorate police for their efforts in safeguarding children. In light of Yemen’s conflict, Seyaj seeks to enhance collaboration with security and judicial institutions to minimize the rapidly rising sexual violence rate.

Seyaj applauds the security media for protecting the identities of victims and perpetrators as well as all information identifying them. Such anonymity preserves the dignity of all parties from defamation and stigma.

A statement by the Taiz governorate police said today, Saturday, that it was able to “arrest a child rapist in one of the city’s lodgings.” It explained that after continuous efforts and sustained follow-up, the Criminal Investigation Police of Taiz Police succeeded yesterday, Friday, February 22, in arresting a man accused of raping a disabled child in one of the lodgings in the city center.

According to the statement, the Taiz police managed to arrest the suspect (A.H.) after vigorous efforts, follow-up, tracking, and extensive investigations, leading to the arrest of the perpetrator, and his confession to the crime.

Upon being informed of the incident, the police department in Al-Thawra department, along with the Criminal Investigation Police, proceeded to take the necessary measures and apprehended the owner of the lodging in which the crime took place.

The case was followed up by the competent authorities until the clues of the crime were uncovered and the suspect was apprehended.

Arresting A Man Suspected of Raping a Disabled Child in Taiz
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