Seyaj has appealed to the President of Wessab Al-Aali Court of First Instance in Dhamar Governorate to annul the marriage of the ten-year-old girl, Saud Yahya Muhammad, to a man in his sixties. In a letter to the president of the court, Seyaj said:

“Seyaj appeals to you to annul the marriage contract of Saud Yahya Muhammad, who was married at the age of ten, in an immoral unity that defies the rights of the child.

Because of the psychological harm done to her, the child attempted suicide with poison before turning to the sheikh of the region, as she despised the marriage and was not of legal age to consent.

We further request that the father, husband, and writer of the contract be severely prosecuted for violating the child’s fundamental rights, which are guaranteed by the Republic of Yemen’s national legislation.

Marrying a girl of this age and seeking sexual or physical relations with her is undeniably an indicator of a deviation and an imbalance in the mind and psyche, and anybody who incites, adopts, or propagates such conduct is an accessory to a heinous crime against minors.”

Seyaj Urges the Judiciary to Annul the Marriage of a Child to a Sixty-Year-Old Man
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