Seyaj appeals to the security and judicial authorities in Dhamar Governorate to quickly refer the father of the ten-year-old girl Saud Yahya Muhammad and her sixty-year-old husband to trial and to dissolve her marriage contract.

In a letter addressed to the court, Seyaj demanded that the father, the husband, and the writer of the contract be severely penalized for breaching the child’s fundamental rights, which are upheld by the Republic of Yemen.

After the investigation and follow-up, Seyaj contacted tribal figures in Al-Qadamah isolation in Wassab Al-Aali district, Dhamar Governorate, to refer the father and husband to the police and the Public Prosecution.

Due to the war and the suspension of the child justice system, the rates of sexual violence and incidences of forced child marriage have increased, particularly among young girls.

Seyaj Organization for Child Protection – Yemen August 20, 2020

Child Attempts Suicide to Escape Her Marriage to a Sixty-Year-Old Man
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