Based on a petition from Seyaj, the Wessab Al-Aali Court of First Instance in Dhamar Governorate decided today to dissolve the marriage between the ten-year-old girl, Saud Yahya Muhammad, and her sixty-year-old husband, given the harm that she endured as a result of this immoral union.

The annulment occurred at the court session presided over by Judge Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Arami on Saturday morning, August 29, 2020. The Seyaj group praised the court’s president for his support of truth, justice, and humanity.

Seyaj also expresses gratitude to everyone who helped and provided support, especially Sheikh Aref Al-Hajj, to whom the child Saud sought refuge.

Last week, Seyaj petitioned the court to examine the case and dissolve the marriage contract of Saud, whose marriage constituted an affront to children’s rights.

Before resorting to the sheikh of the region, the child tried to commit suicide with poison due to the dire conditions of her marriage, and the fact that she was not of age to consent.

In a letter addressed to the court, Seyaj demanded that the father, the husband, and the writer of the contract be severely penalized for breaching the child’s fundamental rights, which are upheld by the Republic of Yemen.

Yemeni Court Annuls the Marriage Contract of a Child to a Sixty-Year-Old Man
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