Seyaj calls on the Minister of Interior and the Governor of Shabwa to intervene urgently to free a kidnapped child in Shabwa Governorate to force his tribe to pay off a financial debt of twenty years.

According to the appeal of the victim’s father to the organization, the 12-year-old child, Salem Saleh Omar Al-Batati, was kidnapped from his school in Al-Shugra area, Doan district, Hadramout governorate, and taken to Shabwa governorate. The appeal indicated that unknown persons belonging to one of the sheikhs of Shabwa had kidnapped the child on the 23rd of March, 2014 to pressure his tribe to pay off a debt owed by one of its members.

Seyaj demands the release of the kidnapped child to his family and holds the perpetrators ethically and legally accountable for whatever psychological or bodily harm this horrific act causes. It also urges Yemeni sheikhs and tribal leaders to take action against the offenders to ensure the preservation of tribal honor. These crimes are on the rise, and the report calls on the security services and the judiciary to deal firmly with them.

Issued by Seyaj Organization: 01-04-2014

Seyaj Calls the Ministry of Interior and Shabwa Governorate to Quickly Free a Kidnapped Child
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