Seyaj calls on the Minister of Interior, the Attorney General, and the Governor of Hajjah to take urgent legal measures in the crime of dragging the child Abu Bakr Muhammad Hadi Assaf, 14 years old, to death. According to the Monitoring and Advocacy Center of Seyaj Organization, the child’s father tied him to the back of the car and dragged him for a distance of about a kilometer and a half for missing school. Some witnesses reported that the father would not respond to attempts to save the child and kept driving until the child passed away.

Seyaj thanks the residents and security of Al-Shahel area for their efforts in apprehending the father. Seyaj urges judicial authorities to deal firmly with paternal crimes, considering that guardians often go unpunished or suffer fines that are neither deterrent nor constraining.

Father Kills 14-year-old Son for Missing School
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