Seyaj discussed with those concerned in the Office of the Presidency of the Republic today the increasing rates of violations and grave crimes against children in Yemen and ways to address them.

The meeting, which included the head of Seyaj, the head of the local authority department, and civil society organizations in the office of Dr. Abdullah Al-Alimi, discussed ways for promoting children’s rights.

The discussions touched on child protection from recruitment in war, early marriage, execution, smuggling, human trafficking, kidnapping, deprivation of fundamental rights, and other forms of violence.

Al-Alimi affirmed the readiness of the Presidency Foundation to fully cooperate with Seyaj and other NGOs to develop and implement the procedures, practical measures, and legal legislation necessary to improve children’s conditions.

Al-Alimi voiced his appreciation toward the pivotal national role Seyaj plays in protecting and advocating for children’s rights, stressing that he values the impartiality and professionalism with which the organization operates, especially amid the extremely dangerous circumstances that Yemen is going through.

For his part, Seyaj’s head reiterated his appreciation for the presidency’s responsiveness and cooperation in dealing with the letters and reports issued by the Seyaj organization since its inception.

The meeting was attended by Abdul Hakim Rishan, Director General of the Civil Society Organizations Department, Ali Jassar, Director General of the General Department of Rights and Freedoms, Mona Al-Khamri, Director of the Women and Children Department, Faed Dahan, a human rights media specialist, and Muluk Qasim, Verification and Protection Officer at Seyaj Organization.

Seyaj Organization: 11/5/2014

Seyaj and the Yemeni Presidency Discuss Cooperation in Protecting Children and Preventing the Execution of Minors
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