Seyaj will launch a program to build the institutional capacities of Yemeni NGOs specialized in protecting and developing the rights of children and women.

Seyaj aims to strengthen the capabilities of local organizations in forming effective partnerships with the government and international organizations. It also strives to reduce violations of the rights of vulnerable groups during armed conflicts, promote accountability and punishment, assist victims in obtaining justice, and contribute to development.

More than 15 organizations and civil associations are anticipated to benefit from the program.

Launched in Marib governorate, the initiative will feature training workshops and practical applications for senior leaders, providing consultations for financial and administrative systems, as well as protection policies and project writing and effective communication skills.

This program comes in response to institutional weakness and the lack of partnerships and financial and technical support for the vast majority of national human rights organizations. 

Depending on the viable resources, Seyaj intends to roll out the initiative in other governorates.

On Saturday, February 19, 2022,

Launching a Program to Strengthen the Institutional Capacities of Organizations in Marib
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