Today, the Taiz Court sentenced M. S. to five years in jail with enforcement and a fine of 1,200,000 riyals (about $4,000). It also sentenced the accomplice to the crime to one year in jail and a 200,000 riyal punishment. Ali Al-Sarari, a lawyer who assisted the victim and served as a Seyaj organization representative in Taiz Governorate, revealed that the 13-year-old’s family was pleased to learn of the verdict.

Seyaj thanked both the President of the Court, Judge Mujib Al-Saba’a, and the member of the Public Prosecution, Abdul Rahman Qassem, for their role in securing justice for the child and his family. While such cases generally take a long time to resolve, increasing the likelihood of criminal impunity and severely impacting victims, this case was resolved in record time. 


Taiz Court Orders the Imprisonment and Fine of Two Convicts of Child Rape
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