Based on a report by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), children who participate in the workforce are subject to physical, emotional, and sexual exploitation and neglect.

According to the research, out of the total number of children whose condition was observed, the majority of them ceased going to school, with 154 children reporting that they had stopped going to school and 37 children reporting that they were still going.

In terms of the psychological metric of lack of will to live, 37 kids out of 101 were employed in locations with closed doors (workshops – welding, plumbing, mechanics, chains, ranges, scales and blacksmithing, buffets and restaurants, lodgings) reported a lack of desire to live. Meanwhile, 25 out of 90 children working in open spaces (roundabouts and public streets) reported a lack of will to live.

Eight cases of monitored individuals required legal intervention; 80 cases were helped by the psychological support group “We Hear You”; ten children required examinations and treatment; and 154 cases of individuals who had stopped their education required referral to the Rehabilitation Center for Working Children to get them back in school.

It is worth noting that the majority of children who left their education were not aware of the repercussions of this decision and lacked guidance.

Field Report: Child Labor is Grossly Exploitative
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