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Mines Kill or Injure More Than 150 Civilians, Most of Whom Are Children, in a Month

Since the beginning of January 2022, 68 Yemeni civilians have been killed and 84 others, predominantly children and women, have been injured in numerous Yemeni governorates, according to the Yemeni La...

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They Are Not Tools for Emotional Mobilization

By: Ahmed Al-Qorashi* When we receive report submissions regarding underage marriage, and following investigations we find that: 1. The family has given their consent. 2. No family mahram can act as g...

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More Than 800 Students Are Deprived of Education in Ibb

Seyaj requests that the Governor of Ibb, the Minister of Interior, and the Minister of Education take prompt, decisive action to protect the lives and safety of more than 800 children who are being de...

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children are taking part in the fighting

November 30, 2009: By Rachelle Kliger, Media Line There are unfortunately no statistics, official or unofficial, as to the scope of child recruitment,” Ahmad Al-Qorashi, Director of the Sanaa-based ...

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