Seyaj requests that the Governor of Ibb, the Minister of Interior, and the Minister of Education take prompt, decisive action to protect the lives and safety of more than 800 children who are being denied their right to an education in the wake of tribal clashes.

Yesterday, Tuesday, February 25, 2014, Seyaj sent two official memorandums to the two ministers, requesting them to intervene urgently, following the development of tribal strife in the isolation of Al-Ardan, Al-Adain District, Ibb Governorate, and the injury of several students from Al-Anwar Secondary School, in which studies were suspended about twenty days ago.

The Monitoring and Advocacy Center at the Seyaj group said that the tribal revenge operations were extended to the student body, who were made targets since the school is split between two nearby tribes.

Seyaj urges Judge Ahmed Al-Hajri, the governor, and the tribe elders to work together to put an end to the violence and to protect children’s right to an education.

Widespread targeting of the educational system occurs in many Yemeni conflict zones, including Hashid, Arhab, Abyan, Haradh, Hajur Rada’a Al-Bayda, and others. This deprives thousands of children of their right to an education and drives up illiteracy and dropout rates, which are estimated to be between 80 and 90 percent in rural areas.

Seyaj Organization: February 25, 2014

More Than 800 Students Are Deprived of Education in Ibb
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