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Stopping war, achieving justice and the rule of law so as to stability in Yemen and the region

Seyaj Head at meeting with the Dutch Ambassador

According to Seyaj’s leader, Ahmed Al-Qorashi, ending the cycle of violence and building enduring peace are the only solutions to relieve the suffering of Yemenis, particularly fragile and vulne...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 6:42 pm

Children at risk as aid access denied

Thousands of people under “siege” by armed rebels in northern Yemen lack food and healthcare, which has already resulted in deaths and risks killing many more, local leaders and aid workers say. F...

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Yemen crisis talks fail as Saleh’s deputy shuns meetings

SANA’A // Talks to resolve Yemen’s political crisis have failed after the deputy to the country’s wounded president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, refused to speak with groups demanding he ced...

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