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Seyaj launches a program to reinforce the institutional capacities of national (NGOs)

Seyaj Organization Starting from Saturday, February 19, 2022, launches a special program to build the institutional capacities of Yemeni non-governmental organizations specialized in developing and pr...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 6:40 pm
In the Shadow of War: Seyaj launches “Education to Protect Yemen” campaign

Seyaj Organization launched the #EducationToProtectYemen campaign this morning, Saturday, November 21, 2015, on the occasion of International Child Rights Day. According to the head of the organizatio...

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Seyaj launches Film Tragic Wedding

Film “Tragic Wedding“: Produced by Seyaj Organization 2012 on the problem of marrying young girls in Yemen – Supported by MEPI...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 6:37 pm
Seyaj launches Film Premiere “Tragic Wedding” Sponsored by Human Right Minister

3 March 2014, Seyaj for childhood protection will launch film premiere “ tragic wedding” that tackles the young girls marriage issues in Yemen, which is sponsored by Human Rights Minister ...

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