3 March 2014,

Seyaj for childhood protection will launch film premiere “ tragic wedding” that tackles the young girls marriage issues in Yemen, which is sponsored by Human Rights Minister Hooria Mashour.
Tragic wedding, produced by Seyaj and funded by MEPI deals with the reasons and effects of the early marriage on young girls through showing some of real stories for the Early Marriage victims.
The documentary film strives to tackle this problem as a social issue effects on young girls negatively, without going into political, social and ideological differences.
Seyaj calls on all media, elites and all interested actors in governmental , non-governmental and international associations to attend the premiere documentary film “tragic wedding” in Eagle Hotel that is considered the second documentary after “Emad story” 2009 that is produced by Seyaj and is funded by save the children organization for racism against children.

Seyaj launches Film Premiere “Tragic Wedding” Sponsored by Human Right Minister
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