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Yemen: An All-Out War on Education

The war in Yemen has had the greatest impact on primary and secondary education. Since 2014, the fighting has engulfed nearly all Yemeni governorates, and education has been exposed to extensive damag...

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A rehearsal of a theatre play on child marriages

A rehearsal of a theatre play on child marriages was performed on January 29, 2015 in Sana’a. The play is part of a project executed by the organization SEYAJ organization for childhood protection...

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Seyaj congratulated the talented child, Shehab Al-Shaarani, on winning the title “Your Voice is a Treasure” in an Arab competition. Seyaj also expressed its gratitude to Shehab’s par...

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Seyaj Issues a Report on Child Abduction, 2013

On Tuesday, April 15, the Seyaj organization will hold a press conference to issue its report on child abduction for the year 2013. Seyaj invites all media and human rights organizations to attend the...

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Child Recruitment Is a War Crime Practiced on a Large Scale in Yemen

In the meeting that was held at the organization’s headquarters in Sana’a, the head of the organization, Ahmed Al-Qorashi, confirmed that child recruitment is an endemic problem in Yemen. ...

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Landmines take toll on Yemeni children

SANA’A // Ten children have been killed and 15 other people injured in landmine explosions since the truce was reached in February between the government and the Shiite Houthi rebels in the nort...

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