Nada Al-Ahdal

Ali Alawardhi
Seyaj Organization for Childhood Protection (Seyaj) has said that Nada Al-Ahdal, a Yemeni girl aged 11 years, was not subject to real early marriage, pointing out that her parents rejected someone who wanted to engage her.
It also demanded the authorities to swiftly probe the case, stressing that Al-Ahdal was exploited and persuaded to escape from al-Hodeidah to Sana’a, 226 km, in perilous conditions.
In a statement, Seyaj said that it investigated the case and met with all people involved in the case, pointing out that all information, al-Ahdal’s Youtube clips and facebook massages show that the child was presented as a victim with the aim of obtaining money and to be invited by foreign organizations.
“She was prepared to be another Nojood al-Ahdal and have the same attention” the statement cited.
Seyaj reiterated that it met Al-Ahdal along with her parents in Seyaj’s headquarters, mentioning that al-Ahdal appeared unafraid of her parents.
It further cautioned against Nada’s stay with her uncle, indicating that her uncle is single and lives in an apartment with male colleagues.
“Nada was deprived from one school year during her stay with her uncle” the statement spelt out.” Though the respective authorities referred al-Ahdal to a refuge home run by Yemeni Women Union, her facebook account still continues to post messages”.
It stressed that another person runs her account which posts comments in Arabic and English, affirming that the account’s comments show that a person with higher education capacities runs the account.
Seyaj said that the child’s uncle openly says that he planned to take her to participate in human rights events in India, Netherlands, Lebanon and Norway.
According to Seyaj, the child is very smart, has the abilities to assume that she is a victim and vividly desires to be famous.
Seyaj recommended to hand over al-Ahdal to her parents and integrate her with the family through persuasion and kind treatment , not through force.
It also recommended to take guarantees from her family that she will be treated well.
Seyaj also asked to enable the child to continue her education, improve its skills and capacities, highly appreciating the cooperation of the Interior Ministry regarding this case.

Seyaj: Nada Al-Ahdal was not subject to early marriage
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