Seyaj’s Monitoring and Protection Center

Over the past 15 years, Seyaj has developed various systems and policies in monitoring and protection, the most prominent of which is the automated system for monitoring, collecting, and analyzing data, issuing reports, archiving, and keeping documents easily, confidentially, and safely. The automated system helps enable various segments of society to directly report and advocate for victims, and ensures the best results in direct and preventative protection.

The vast majority of crimes against minors in Yemen, including sexual abuse, have gone unreported, allowing them to proliferate at alarming rates. Social stigma, the difficulty of accessing justice and law enforcement agencies, poverty and displacement, and the lack of protection programs have all contributed to the underreporting of crimes.

These facts have reaffirmed our responsibility as a national organization towards protecting children in society. At this stage, Seyaj has decided to focus on advocating for victims of familial and societal abuse. These crimes often go unreported, and no legal aid exists to protect the affected children.

Seyaj has made reporting and requesting legal advice available through Yemen’s most popular social media platform. Now, any person in Yemen can report crimes by sending a WhatsApp message to the designated number. For more information, please click here.

Monitoring and Protection System
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