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The Monitoring and Protection Center, in affiliation with Seyaj organization, provides legal protection, advocacy, and awareness for victims of domestic or societal violence, as well as the six grave ...

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Monitoring and Protection Center Services

Since the center’s establishment in 2008, its main goal has been to strengthen preventive protection from violence, exploitation, and abuse. It also provides direct protection for child victims. Its...

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Free Protection Line

Now, you can safely and discreetly report serious crimes against children and obtain legal advice by: Sending a WhatsApp message to: 771400002 (Department of Reports and Complaints) Alternatively, you...

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Monitoring and Protection System

Over the past 15 years, Seyaj has developed various systems and policies in monitoring and protection, the most prominent of which is the automated system for monitoring, collecting, and analyzing dat...

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Seyaj Resumes the Protection of Victims of Murder and Sexual Violence

During the past three years, there has been an unprecedented increase in crime against children in Yemen, with the majority of criminals easily escaping punishment due to the lack of a child justice s...

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Monitoring & Protection Center Guide

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About Monitoring & Protection Center

MONITORING AND PROTECTION SYSTEM About the Monitoring and Protection Center It is the first observatory for the protection and advocacy of children’s rights in Yemen. In mid-December 2008, the Monit...

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Seyaj and the Presidency Discuss Child Protection against Violations

The Seyaj organization and the Yemeni Presidency held a meeting today to discuss several issues facing children’s rights in Yemen. The meeting included the head of the organization, Ahmed Al-Qor...

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