Security and human rights sources verified to Seyaj that a sniper linked with the Houthis shot and critically injured an eight-year-old child in the Al-Ras neighborhood this evening, Monday, August 17.

The sources confirmed that the child Ruwaida Saleh bin Saleh Al-Qafari was targeted by a sniper stationed at the Central Security Camp in the Houthi-controlled Kalaba neighborhood, north of Taiz, while she was fetching water near her house.

Medical sources at Al-Rawda Hospital in Taiz, where the victim was treated, said that she is in critical condition and is undergoing intensive medical care.

Seyaj condemns this heinous crime among others and calls on the Houthi group and other conflict parties to avoid targeting children, emphasizing that these war crimes do not fall under the statute of limitations and that the perpetrators are under penalty of responsibility.

Seyaj Organization for Child Protection – Yemen, August 17, 2020

A Houthi Sniper Hits the Head of an Eight-Year-Old Girl in Taiz
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