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Armed Militia Member Rapes a Seven-Year-Old Orphan Girl in Taiz Governorate

Seyaj appealed to the Prosecutor of Al-Ta’aziah in Taiz Governorate to expedite the investigation process and to send the rape case of 7-year-old (R.M.) to court and demand severe legal penaltie...

  • 4 years مضت
  • آخر تعديل: At 4:13 pm
A Houthi Sniper Hits the Head of an Eight-Year-Old Girl in Taiz

Security and human rights sources verified to Seyaj that a sniper linked with the Houthis shot and critically injured an eight-year-old child in the Al-Ras neighborhood this evening, Monday, August 17...

  • 4 years مضت
  • آخر تعديل: At 12:30 am

Judiciary Prohibits the Marriage of a 12-Year-Old Girl After Her Kidnapping

The local court responded to Seyaj for Childhood Protection’s appeals to prevent the marriage of a 12-year-old girl, who was kidnapped for forced marriage in Hajjah Governorate, northwestern Yem...

  • 5 years مضت
  • آخر تعديل: At 9:10 pm
Adult of Raping and Killing a 12-Year-Old Girl

Today, the Specialized Criminal Court in Hajjah Governorate issued a ruling against the rapist and murderer of a 12-year-old girl. Judicial sources told Seyaj that the ruling will be executed in a pub...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 5:12 pm

Security Freezes the Marriage of a 12-Year-Old Girl for Six Years

Ali Al-Ghala, the father of the child Asmaa, pledged not to marry off his 12-year-old daughter until she reaches the legal age, following the efforts of the Seyaj Organization and the Security Coopera...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 5:34 pm
BBC: A 12-Year-Old Pregnant Girl and Her Fetus Die in Yemen During Childbirth

A 12-year-old girl died in Yemen, along with her fetus, due to a difficult delivery. Seyaj said that the child, Fawzia Abdullah Youssef, who was forced to marry at an early age, died on Friday in the ...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 9:16 pm