Seyaj appealed to the Prosecutor of Al-Ta’aziah in Taiz Governorate to expedite the investigation process and to send the rape case of 7-year-old (R.M.) to court and demand severe legal penalties against the rapist.

Seyaj claimed that the culprit (Sh.A.R.) was a protector of security and public peace, but used his power and position to brutally assault an innocent girl. The organization calls for the urgent referral of the case file to the court and demands a speedy trial.

In its appeal, Seyaj explained that the child is an orphan whose mother was remarried. The child lived in the custody of her grandmother, who allegedly died of shock upon learning details of her granddaughter’s rape. Due to the conflict, child rape offenses have escalated at unprecedented rates. The vast majority of sexual offenders have escaped punishment due to societal stigma, victim blaming, and the inability of security and judicial institutions to carry out their duties. This is especially true in rural areas, which account for nearly seventy percent of the republic’s population of nearly thirty million people.

Armed Militia Member Rapes a Seven-Year-Old Orphan Girl in Taiz Governorate