Seyaj Organization expresses its deep concern about the growing rates of child kidnapping and rape in Yemen due to the weakness of victim advocacy and criminal punishment systems.

Seyaj thanks the Security Department of Ibb Governorate for its distinguished efforts in arresting the man responsible for raping and killing a nine-year-old girl (A.H) despite the mysterious circumstances surrounding the crime. However, it stresses the importance of providing the court with all the evidence necessary to condemn the accused.

Seyaj calls on the Public Prosecution Office and the judicial authority in the governorate to do everything necessary to ensure a fair and speedy trial that achieves justice for the victim, deters the perpetrator, and reprimands anyone tempted to commit such crimes.

Seyaj affirms its readiness to offer one or more attorneys to the victim’s parents.

Issued by Seyaj Organization for Child Protection – December 9, 2018

Seyaj Demands Severe Punishment for the Rape and Murder of a Child in Ibb Governorate
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