Seyaj and the Presidency Discuss Child Protection

The Seyaj organization and the Yemeni Presidency held a meeting today to discuss several issues facing children’s rights in Yemen.

The meeting included the head of the organization, Ahmed Al-Qorashi, and the head of the local authority department and civil society organizations in the Presidency of the Republic, Dr. Abdullah Al-Alimi. The discussions tackled the death sentences faced by dozens of Yemeni juveniles stuck in prisons. The two sides also reviewed the rising rates of violations against children, as well as the potential for cooperation among the organization, the presidency, and the government in tackling these issues and reducing their impact on children.

The parties emphasized the need to protect children’s rights and address the grave violations facing children, foremost of which is the recruitment and involvement of young boys in armed conflicts and the forced marriage of young girls.

Meanwhile, Dr. Al-Alimi affirmed the readiness of the Presidency to fully cooperate with Seyaj to develop and enforce the procedures and legislation necessary to remedy the situation facing children.

He also expressed the Presidency’s appreciation for the pivotal national role Seyaj plays in protecting and advocating for children’s rights, and the tangible achievements it has made in tackling crimes that violate international law, such as the execution of minors, smuggling, human trafficking, organ trade, kidnapping, and depriving children of basic rights.

In addition, he commended Seyaj for its objectivity and professionalism in handling the ongoing critical and hazardous circumstances plaguing Yemen.

Seyaj’s head expressed gratitude for the Presidency’s cooperation and its rapid responses to the letters and reports Seyaj has submitted to them since its founding.

The meeting was attended by: Abdulhakim Rishan, Director General of the Civil Society Organizations Department, Ali Jassar, Director General of the General Department of Rights and Freedoms, Mona Al-Khamri, Director of the Women and Children Department, Faed Dahan, a human rights media specialist, and Muluk Qasim from the Monitoring and Protection Center of Seyaj Organization.

Sana’a, Seyaj 8/5/2014

Seyaj and the Presidency Discuss Child Protection against Violations
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