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Child Rapist Faces a Five-Year Prison Sentence

The court in the east of the capital, Sana’a, sentenced two brothers to prison after they were convicted of raping a ten-year-old girl. The ruling ruled that both (H.S.) and his younger brother ...

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سياج للطفولة تطالب بحماية ممثلها في الضالع

تدين منظمة سياج لحماية الطفولة بشدة تهديد ممثلها بمحافظة الضالع الزميل الصحافي والناشط الحقوقي صالح المنصوب ...

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More Than 800 Students Are Deprived of Education in Ibb

Seyaj requests that the Governor of Ibb, the Minister of Interior, and the Minister of Education take prompt, decisive action to protect the lives and safety of more than 800 children who are being de...

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Child Rapist in Taiz Receives a Five-Year Sentence

Today, the Taiz Governorate Condolence Court handed down a five-year prison sentence with enforcement against Moaz Sadiq, as well as one million riyals to the victim and two hundred thousand riyals in...

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Seyaj launches Film Tragic Wedding

Film “Tragic Wedding“: Produced by Seyaj Organization 2012 on the problem of marrying young girls in Yemen – Supported by MEPI...

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Seyaj Succeeds in Freezing the Marriage of Two Children in Sana’a for 5 Years

The parents of two children (Nemah Abdullah Al-Shuwaiter, 13 years old, and Hafez Mansour Hameed Al-Hasani, 10 years old) committed themselves in writing not to enforce the marriage until the two chil...

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