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Warning for mothers:

Most cases of sexual assault against children are perpetrated by males in the child’s vicinity, such as relatives, neighbors, or employers....

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Silence and failure to report rape, pedophilia, and other serious crimes can enable criminals to escape punishment....

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Seyaj warns

Seyaj warns against publishing pictures and names of child victims of sexual violence in the media and social networking sites, as such acts constitute permanent defamation and cause serious harm to t...

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Monitoring and Protection Center Services

Since the center’s establishment in 2008, its main goal has been to strengthen preventive protection from violence, exploitation, and abuse. It also provides direct protection for child victims. Its...

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Free Protection Line

Now, you can safely and discreetly report serious crimes against children and obtain legal advice by: Sending a WhatsApp message to: 771400002 (Department of Reports and Complaints) Alternatively, you...

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Why Only These Crimes?

The majority of perpetrators of sexual assaults against children can easily escape punishment, especially if they are close relatives of the victims, or if they are linked to armed groups or influenti...

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Compulsory and Free Education for Every Child

The Convention on the Rights of the Child states, “every child has the right to an education. Primary education should be free. Secondary and higher education should be available to every child. Chi...

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Yemen: An All-Out War on Education

The war in Yemen has had the greatest impact on primary and secondary education. Since 2014, the fighting has engulfed nearly all Yemeni governorates, and education has been exposed to extensive damag...

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The Six Grave Violations

Since its inception, Seyaj has been working to monitor and document violations and crimes against children’s rights in armed conflicts. The organization has developed its policies and work mecha...

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Crimes We Tackle

Seyaj works to protect and advocate for child victims of serious criminal offenses, exploitation, and abuse by the family and society, such as: Murder; Sexual violence in all its forms; Child smugglin...

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