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Joint Committee to Support Children’s Justice

The Seyaj Organization and the Bar Association branch in Taiz governorate agreed to form a joint committee to identify the difficulties and challenges facing children’s justice in the governorat...

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Yemeni Child Gets Tried for Inciting Scandal; Seyaj Calls for Her Rescue

Seyaj calls on the President of the Court of Appeal of Hajjah Governorate to intervene swiftly and decisively to rescue and provide justice to a 12-year-old (M.A.), a victim of kidnapping. She is curr...

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Arresting A Man Suspected of Raping a Disabled Child in Taiz

Seyaj expresses gratitude to the Taiz governorate police for their efforts in safeguarding children. In light of Yemen’s conflict, Seyaj seeks to enhance collaboration with security and judicial...

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Seyaj denies

Seyaj denies its connection to the statement that was reported by some media outlets at the end of January 2019, titled: “More than 100 civil society organizations condemn the Houthis’ per...

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Judiciary Prohibits the Marriage of a 12-Year-Old Girl After Her Kidnapping

The local court responded to Seyaj for Childhood Protection’s appeals to prevent the marriage of a 12-year-old girl, who was kidnapped for forced marriage in Hajjah Governorate, northwestern Yem...

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They Are Not Tools for Emotional Mobilization

By: Ahmed Al-Qorashi* When we receive report submissions regarding underage marriage, and following investigations we find that: 1. The family has given their consent. 2. No family mahram can act as g...

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Judiciary Implements Severe Penalties Against a Child Rapist and Murderer

The judicial authorities have implemented severe penalties against a person convicted of kidnapping, raping, and killing a twelve-year-old girl in Hajjah Governorate, northwestern Yemen. On August 26,...

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Seyaj Calls for a Child Rapist, Kidnapper, and Murderer to Be Brought to Justice

Seyaj requests that the Hajjah Governorate Prosecution Office conclude the investigation into the suspect of raping a 12-year-old girl (E.Y.A.) to death as soon as possible and refer him to competent ...

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