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Seyaj: 124 Cases of Kidnapping of Yemeni Children were Reported During 2013

Out of more than 150 abduction cases, Seyaj tracked 124 incidents involving children in 2013. The organization highlighted the prevalence of this occurrence in its report on child abduction from that ...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 10:22 am
More Than 800 Students Are Deprived of Education in Ibb

Seyaj requests that the Governor of Ibb, the Minister of Interior, and the Minister of Education take prompt, decisive action to protect the lives and safety of more than 800 children who are being de...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 9:38 am

Taiz Court Orders the Imprisonment and Fine of Two Convicts of Child Rape

Today, the Taiz Court sentenced M. S. to five years in jail with enforcement and a fine of 1,200,000 riyals (about $4,000). It also sentenced the accomplice to the crime to one year in jail and a 200,...

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Seyaj Succeeds in Freezing the Marriage of Two Children in Sana’a for 5 Years

The parents of two children (Nemah Abdullah Al-Shuwaiter, 13 years old, and Hafez Mansour Hameed Al-Hasani, 10 years old) committed themselves in writing not to enforce the marriage until the two chil...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 9:13 am
The Minister of Human Rights and UNICEF Praise Sayaj’s Successes

Hooria Mashhour, Yemen’s Minister of Human Rights, lauded the efforts of the Seyaj Organization, a national non-governmental organization that focuses on protecting victims and providing them wi...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 9:26 pm

Seyaj’s Campaign  Yemen: Demobilize 100 Persons Suspected of Being Under 18 Years Old

Today, Seyaj agreed with the Commander of the 1st Armored Division and the Northwestern Military Region, Major General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, to develop and implement a joint time plan for the demobiliz...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 1:40 pm

Seyaj foils wedding of two children

Seyaj Organization for Childhood Protection (Seyaj) has managed to delay the wedding of two Yemeni children for five years. Fathers of Neamah Abdullah al-Shoaitar, 13 years old girlو and Hafez M...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 11:32 pm

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