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Seyaj Documents the Kidnapping of 124 Yemeni Children in 2013

Written by Nada Jamal Anam – April 16, 2014 According to the Seyaj Organization’s Monitoring Center, 124 children were kidnapped in Yemen in 2013. Ahmed Al-Qorashi, the organization’...

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Taiz Court Orders the Imprisonment and Fine of Two Convicts of Child Rape

Today, the Taiz Court sentenced M. S. to five years in jail with enforcement and a fine of 1,200,000 riyals (about $4,000). It also sentenced the accomplice to the crime to one year in jail and a 200,...

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Seyaj Succeeds in Freezing the Marriage of Two Children in Sana’a for 5 Years

The parents of two children (Nemah Abdullah Al-Shuwaiter, 13 years old, and Hafez Mansour Hameed Al-Hasani, 10 years old) committed themselves in writing not to enforce the marriage until the two chil...

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UNHCR Presents the Film “Tragic Weddings,” Produced by Seyaj

The (UNHCR) and ADRA are presenting a film titled Tragic Weddings, produced by the Seyaj Organization for Childhood Protection, about child marriage in Yemen, with the support of the Middle East Partn...

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The Minister of Human Rights and UNICEF Praise Sayaj’s Successes

Hooria Mashhour, Yemen’s Minister of Human Rights, lauded the efforts of the Seyaj Organization, a national non-governmental organization that focuses on protecting victims and providing them wi...

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