The war wounds that cut the deepest

SANA’A // Children living in Sa’ada during the four-year conflict between government troops and al Houthi rebels are in need of immediate psychological and social rehabilitation programmes...

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SEYAJ: War-affected children suffer psychological disorders – study

A four-year conflict between government forces and Shia rebels in the northern governorate of Saada has caused psychological problems for children and had an adverse effect on their behaviour, accordi...

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سياج: تطلق موقعها على شبك الانترنت

بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للتصدي لعمالة الأطفال والذي يصادف 12 يونيو 2008 تطلق “منظمة سياج لحماية الطفولة” موق...

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Yemen crisis talks fail as Saleh’s deputy shuns meetings

SANA’A // Talks to resolve Yemen’s political crisis have failed after the deputy to the country’s wounded president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, refused to speak with groups demanding he ced...

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  • آخر تعديل: At 9:31 pm

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