Monitoring and Protection Center Services

Since the center’s establishment in 2008, its main goal has been to strengthen preventive protection from violence, exploitation, and abuse. It also provides direct protection for child victims. Its...

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Compulsory and Free Education for Every Child

The Convention on the Rights of the Child states, “every child has the right to an education. Primary education should be free. Secondary and higher education should be available to every child. Chi...

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The Six Grave Violations

Since its inception, Seyaj has been working to monitor and document violations and crimes against children’s rights in armed conflicts. The organization has developed its policies and work mecha...

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Crimes We Tackle

Seyaj works to protect and advocate for child victims of serious criminal offenses, exploitation, and abuse by the family and society, such as: Murder; Sexual violence in all its forms; Child smugglin...

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Monitoring and Protection System

Over the past 15 years, Seyaj has developed various systems and policies in monitoring and protection, the most prominent of which is the automated system for monitoring, collecting, and analyzing dat...

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Armed Militia Member Rapes a Seven-Year-Old Orphan Girl in Taiz Governorate

Seyaj appealed to the Prosecutor of Al-Ta’aziah in Taiz Governorate to expedite the investigation process and to send the rape case of 7-year-old (R.M.) to court and demand severe legal penaltie...

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Seyaj denies

Seyaj denies its connection to the statement that was reported by some media outlets at the end of January 2019, titled: “More than 100 civil society organizations condemn the Houthis’ per...

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Judiciary Implements Severe Penalties Against a Child Rapist and Murderer

The judicial authorities have implemented severe penalties against a person convicted of kidnapping, raping, and killing a twelve-year-old girl in Hajjah Governorate, northwestern Yemen. On August 26,...

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